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Assist Ambulation & Exercise

Does a patient in your home need assistance with obtaining adequate exercise and/or basic ambulation?

This is an area where Universal Home Care staff has a lot of experience. Our physical therapists are there to help patients move around and get the exercise that they need so that they can stay healthy and continue on the path to higher levels of wellness.

Exercise is a key to the health of any patient, no matter what they are suffering from. Whether a person has a degenerative or chronic illness, is recovering from a long term injury or is engaged in a rehabilitative process due to an event like a stroke, exercise is going to play an important part in prolonging or improving their overall level of health.

At its most basic level, exercise is movement. For many patients, ambulation around the home is going to be all that they can do, but if that is the case, Universal Home Care physical therapists can make sure that they are able to do at least that. Assisted walking will provide the patient with valuable exercise and movement that is good for the body in a variety of ways.

Specific types of exercises are often going to be prescribed for a patient by their primary care physician or by a physical therapist or occupational therapist. Universal Home Care clinical staff are fully trained in exercise methodologies so that they can help patients to complete these exercises safely and effectively. Quite frequently, getting a patient to stick to an exercise routine can be hard. Patients know that they are beneficial, but they can be painful and frustrating; especially when the benefits aren't readily apparent. Having a Universal Home Care worker to help and support them through the exercise program can help them ultimately reach the benefits they deserve. Our staff members also perform a safety check to ensure the patient performs the exercises in the proper manner to avoid injury.