Innovations in Patient Care

Treatment plans around medicatioon & nutrition regiment.

Residents of Camarillo See Registered Nurses, Vocational Nurses and Home Health Aides with Their Home Care

Sometimes in life we must invest trust in others to take on the responsibility of caring for our loved ones, in situations in which we are not able to do it ourselves. Where to invest that magnitude of trust can be a very difficult decision to make, but here at Universal Home Care, we strive to make sure that decision does not require a second thought.

Our home care service company offers a comprehensive selection of in-home services to residents of Camarillo, in Orange County, from assisting individuals on a day-to-day basis with basic life tasks to offering nurturing medical care for individuals recovering from illness and/or injury.

Our superior services are upheld by our team of service professionals that possess paramount concern and genuine care for our clients and their loved ones.

Our expert staff consists of highly skillful registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses and Home Health Aides that provide extensive nursing services that range from managing IV infusions to assistance with bathing and light housekeeping.

We also have a highly qualified staff of therapists that specialize in speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy. Social services supportive of counseling and guidance to community resources is provided by our caring medical social workers.

Our multilingual staff has the capabilities of reaching out and communicating with members of the entire community and upholds the utmost appreciation and respect for all cultures and backgrounds.

None of our clients are treated as statistics. Our professional caregivers withhold every aspect of our patients medical history and are able to answer any questions asked on demand. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our level of communication and efficiency is as optimal as possible.

We provide services under Medicare, private insurance companies, Worker's compensation insurance and direct payment.

Universal Health Care will bring its services and staff right to the comfort of your own home in the Camarillo area.

We serve patients throughout Ventura County.