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Constipation / Disimpaction / Enema

Patients who suffer from chronic constipation may be in severe distress if not attended to properly.

Universal Home Care staff are medical professionals experienced in dealing with this type of problem in a way that is recommended by primary care physicians. Constipation is a symptom rather than a condition in itself, so the treatment and management of the condition will depend on proper diagnosis.

Bowel obstruction can not only be painful, it can be a dangerous condition that can lead to further health complications. The body has a natural system for eliminating waste and when that system does not work properly, it can cause damage throughout the body.

This is why the staff at Universal Home Care is able to perform the various procedures that can be used to fight constipation. Simple treatments can include the administration of medication - something like a laxative. Coaching in dietary habits can also help relieve chronic cases of milder constipation.

In more severe cases, a more direct intervention is going to be required. This may call for disimpaction or an enema. These are both more severe measures than the administration of medication, but there may be cases where they are the only real recourse for providing relief to a patient. The staff members at Universal Home Care are trained professionals that understand how to perform these procedures so that they result in as little discomfort as possible for the patient.

More importantly, our staff members can make sure that the procedures result in relief of the problem, whether that is a temporary or long term requirement of care for a specific patient. Some patients can have chronic conditions that may cause these symptoms to reappear regularly over time, requiring constant monitoring and treatment.