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Diabetes Education and Management

A new diagnosis of diabetes requires lifestyle changes.

While there is no cure for diabetes, this is a disease which we now understand much more about than we did even a few years ago. Breakthroughs with new medications, equipment, and understanding how to manage diabetes occurs all the time. While currently curing the disease is not possible, managing it is. This requires education and training focusing on lifestyle changes. Universal Home Care clinical staff are ready to help educate patients about the changes that they need to make in their life to accommodate for diabetes.

Diabetes is a condition that has a number of simultaneous factors that need to be juggled in order to achieve control. Along with the regular day to day stressors, juggling changes to diet, exercise, and medication regimes can seem daunting and difficult in the beginning. Lifestyle alterations include getting more exercise, improving circulation in the extremities, and eating a diet that is specially designed for diabetes. Medication to control blood sugars may also be required. Medications can be in the oral or injectable form.

Diabetes needs to be controlled, as it can also contribute to other serious health problems like heart and kidney disease. However, because of the changing lifestyle factors required in the treatment and maintenance of this disease, compliance is often a problem. Along with the direction from the patient’s physician Universal Home Care clinical staff, can help educate patients on the importance of compliance and encourage them to follow the plan of care their doctor has prescribed for them.

Diabetes requires patients to develop new skills to deal with the management of blood glucose testing. Diabetes requires continuous monitoring of the glucose levels in the blood. Blood sampling throughout the day may be required to ensure that the blood glucose levels are meeting the parameters set by the physician. The results of the blood glucose test indicate how successful medication, diet and exercise are working to control the disease. Additional lab testing may also be recommended by the primary care physician to monitor cholesterol levels and hemoglobin A1C levels in the blood.

The staff at Universal Home Care is able to help the patient adhere to the plan of care set by the physician. Through education, training and monitoring the patients condition the clinical staff will help ensure success in the plan of care. Our staff knows how important it is to make sure that blood glucose is always within acceptable parameters and how to help our patients it there. /p>