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Personal Care, Light Housekeeping

What to do when a health issue is preventing a person from taking care of themselves properly?

Home care can often be the answer in such as situation. The professionals at Universal Home Care offer a number of services, just one of which is a personal care and light housekeeping service.

This means that a professional will travel to a patient's home and take care of some of those small tasks that they may not be able to take care of themselves. The exact type of tasks that they will perform will depend on the condition of the patient.

Some patients may have problems with fine motor control. In those cases, a Universal Home Care licensed professional can help with little tasks such as buttoning clothing. If a person's range of motion restricts them from being able to perform certain tasks, the Universal Home Care licensed professional is going to be there to help. In situations where therapy is being applied and recovery is expected, the expectation is that the services that need to be offered by a home health aide worker will slowly reduce over time.

Small housekeeping tasks can also be completed by the certified home health aide when there is not another person in the home available to complete these tasks. It is important that people who are being looked after in their homes are able to live in a clean and safe environment. Clutter that isn't picked up can pose a tripping hazard to people who are at risk of falls. In addition, if garbage isn't taken out or dishes aren't cleaned, it can increase the amount of bacteria in a home, making it a less safe environment. The Universal Home Care Certified Home Health Aide can do what they need to, in terms of some light house cleaning, in order to make sure the home stays safe for the patient.