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IV Infusion

Worried about managing IV infusion?


Here at Universal Home Care, our professional medical staff will handle the administration of any IV infusions that the patient requires.

Often used to deliver antibiotics, pain medications and nutrients necessary to the body, IV therapy is a very common aspect of home care that our trained professionals deal with on a daily basis. Our staff is experienced with starting, changing and ending IV therapy, as well as properly administering the infusion of all IV fluids. In addition, our staff closely monitors the IV site for any changes and ensures that the site is kept clean at all times.

IV therapy is a form of drug or nutrient administration that is often essential to the well being of our patients. This is especially true when patients are unable to swallow or cannot properly metabolize nutrients or medications that might normally be given orally. IV therapy is also used when patients need to have medications properly calibrated and administered during a specific time period, such as during the night while they sleep.

IV therapy is also the quickest, most effective method of administering medications, nutrients and fluids to the patient. It can quickly remedy dehydration, excruciating pain and even nutrient imbalances, all of which are important for the well being of the patient.

We make it a point to ensure that our staff is properly trained in the administration of IV therapy to ensure that the proper protocol for this important procedure is always followed.