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Language Disorder Training

In the case of a true language disorder, the problem lies not as much in the physicality of forming certain sounds, but rather interpreting or understanding the language as it is spoken. This can create difficulties that manifest as difficulty speaking or understanding the spoken word. “Pragmatics” is a phrase used to describe the use of language which is hampered when language disorders are present.

The Universal Home Care clinicians are trained and prepared to assist with therapy for those suffering from language disorders. As with all our services, this includes educating others who are involved in the care of a patient with a language disorder. It is important that parents, siblings or caregivers understand what the language disorder is, what its symptoms are and what therapies are going to be effective in its treatment.

Language disorders can be caused by genetic conditions that people are born with. However, they can also be caused by events that negatively affect the language centers of the brain. This could include physical trauma or internal events such as a stroke.

The treatment that is required will depend on the nature of the language disorder. If a person suffers from an expressive language disorder, it means that they understand the things that are said to them, but lack the ability to communicate back to the person that is speaking to them.

Therapy is going to include basic pronunciation exercises, intensive work on vocabulary and communication in social situations. Because language disorders can be related to a person's ability to function in settings like school or a work environment, proper therapy can hold the key to allowing a person to function and live an independent life.