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Strengthening Stability Balance Training

Physical therapy is always aiming at similar things; to relieve pain, to allow patients to achieve more independence and to allow patients to function well in society. Strength, stability and balance are required for all of these things.

Universal Home Care clinicians can assist patients in the completion of prescribed physical therapy that will help them work on all three of these critical pillars of physical therapy. Patients who are fully compliant with their PT programs and who work hard and consistently on their exercises will realize much more extreme and comprehensive benefits than those who are unable to stick with the required exercises.

Strength training is important for mobility. Without the proper strength, patients who have been sick or injured find it very difficult to perform daily tasks or to enjoy the full range of motion in any given joint. As exercise progresses though, muscle can rebuild. If a patient adheres to their program fully and their health permits it, a great deal of strength can be regained over time and, along with it, much functionality.

Stability and balance are also very important, especially from a safety standpoint. Falls are always a danger for people who have been sick or injured. The elderly population, especially, is at a very serious risk of injury or even death as a result of complications from a fall. Comprehensive physical therapy that focuses on stability and balance can help to greatly reduce the chances of a fall occurring.

Universal Home Care clinicians can help with every part of the rehabilitation process. They help with exercise adherence to programs and can also talk to patients and provide them with the encouragement that they need to continue their recovery process. Depression, fear of failure, or feeling like progress is not being made can be major factors in compliance to a Physical Therapy program and Universal Home Care clinicians can help patients overcome those mental barriers to achieve success.