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PICC line and Site Care Maintenance

Have you had a PICC line inserted?

PICC lines need to be carefully monitored and meticulously maintained so that the site remains healthy. Universal Home Care staff will handle all maintenance of PICC line sites for as long as our patients are required to have the line inserted.

A PICC line is a flexible line that is guided into the body through a vein. A thin wire is used to guide the tube into the body while imaging equipment is used to confirm that it has been placed correctly. Once the line has reached the position that it needs to be at, the wire is withdrawn.

Once the PICC line is withdrawn, the site will still need to be maintained for a few more days, another task that can be undertaken by Universal Home Care staff. The site needs to be kept, clean, dry and sterile while the healing process takes place. A professional knows how to monitor the healing of the wound and how to clean it as required, ensuring that it heals safely while reducing the chances for possible infections.

Sometimes the site may be slower to heal, but this is usually treated simply by placing a bandage over the entry point for the line after the first few days have passed.