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Assessment of Social and Emotional Factors Related to Patient's Illness and Care

Many patients have health factors that extend beyond just their physical issues. It is too easy to overlook these factors and critical not to overlook them.

This is one of the clinical tasks of the Universal Home Care medical staff. The trained professionals at Universal Home Care are there to help with both the physical care and therapy of patients, but our team is also there to assess the various emotional and social factors that are at play in a patient's life.

These factors are very important to the overall recovery of a patient. That is why hospitals evaluate things like a patient's family and support system when weighing the risks of major procedures. Patients who have a strong support system in place tend to do much better than those who must handle the pressure of their care on their own.

Having a social support system in place can involve introducing the patient to community initiatives or support groups for people that find themselves in similar circumstances. Knowing that they are not alone and learning from the experiences of others that are in the same situation or who have been in similar situations can help to make patients feel more optimistic about their recovery and ongoing treatment.

Depression is always a risk for people who suffer from serious illnesses or who have sustained a drastic injury. At Universal Home Care our staff assesses for signs and symptoms from patients that may need emotional support in order to move forward with their treatment.

Emotional and social factors are also very important when it comes to compliance. A patient needs to follow the prescribed therapies if they are going to improve the quality of their life. Patients that feel isolated or depressed often do not comply with predetermined treatment plans. Strong support systems help ensure that a patient will adhere to their therapy.