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Speech Therapy Evaluation

The first phase of any speech therapy treatment needs to be careful evaluation.

Evaluation is critical in speech therapy because of the highly individualized nature of the therapy. The physiology behind the speaking in any person is going to be very different than those of any other person. When you examine the particular nature of the problem, a unique plan of care will be created to be followed when a patient enters speech therapy.

The licensed speech therapists at Universal Home Care understand that this is how speech therapy works and believe in taking a comprehensive approach to each person that they work with. That is why evaluation is always the first part of the process.

The evaluation process will include a thorough examination of what type of challenge is to be overcome. This will include looking at the specific underlying conditions that affect the problem, if any are present. Patient history is also going to be looked at while working with past doctors and the current family physician of the patient to get the most comprehensive view possible of the situation and speech therapy requirements.

Evaluation plays an important role in the formulation of patient treatment plan. It is also a good indicator of how well any past therapies have worked. This is an important measure, as it often indicates whether or not treatment has produced effective results.

This is also why evaluation is not a simple one time process either. As therapy progresses, the patient will experience changes which may make some new therapies recommended, or old therapies may be proven ineffective. The Universal Home Care clinicians will always continue to evaluate patients on an ongoing basis.