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Trach Care and Instructions

A tracheotomy is a medical procedure that involves opening an airway surgically in the trachea so that the patient can breathe without using their nose or mouth.

Trach sites need to be looked after - they must be cleaned, often twice a day. This prevents infection and reduces the chances of blockages, buildups or degradation of the site. It is essential that the site around the breathing tube is maintained properly for the system to work properly and for the patient to be able to breathe without obstruction.

The trained medical professionals at Universal Home Care understand the trach procedure and all of the care and maintenance that needs to come afterwards. Not only will they be able to clean and treat the site as required but they will also keep a watchful eye on it for any complications that may emerge.

The Universal Home Care teams work with the patient's primary care physician and keep them apprised of any changes at the tracheotomy site. This helps the primary physician to make the decisions that they need to make regarding the ongoing care of the patient.

Universal Home Care clinicians also train patients or their loved ones on how to properly care for and monitor their trach at all times so that greater levels of maintenance are possible throughout the day.