Universal Home Care

For all your home care needs.

24-Hour Supervised Care

As a supplement to our hourly or daily home visits, Universal Home Care also provides our exclusive 24-Hour Supervised Care package to those patients who require around-the-clock assistance.

Our 24-hour service provides you or your loved one with (2) separate caregivers whom alternate daytime and nighttime shifts to maximize overall health improvement.  Along with facilitating daily care in companionship, personal errands, light housekeeping, bathing/dressing assistance, laundry and meal preparation, our trained and certified caregivers will also ensure that proper care is supplied in the evening to guarantee full night’s rest.

Should a patient require assistance to the bathroom or prefers company at night, our staff is trained to provide comfort and assurance, along with monitoring a patient’s health at all hours of the day.  Under special circumstances and if deemed necessary, we can provide our bedside sitting service at the patient’s bedroom or in a hospital/facility setting dependent on the level of care that is required.