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Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Summary of Services

  • Physical therapy
  • Safety evaluation/education
  • Ambulation & transfer techniques
  • Evaluation & management of medication
  • Symptom control measures
  • Reduction pain methods/techniques
  • Pain medication instruction/monitoring
  • Disease process education
  • Post-operative teaching
  • Adhesion wound prep & care
  • Lab work evaluation/monitoring blood

Premium results for achieving a safe & rapid recovery from home

Universal Home Care (UHC) is pleased to provide our uniquely designed Orthopedic Care: Rehabilitation Program which utilizes a full range of clinical services for obtaining results-oriented home rehabilitation for total hip and total knee replacements.

As one of the most preferred home health agencies in Los Angeles for orthopedic surgeons, our Rehabilitation Program offers sensitive care and follows the patient throughout their complete surgical and rehabilitation process by facilitating post-operative hospital and home care treatment. UHC's highly-skilled healthcare professionals perform rehabilitation, explain activity restrictions, and teach progressive exercise routines to return patients to normal function. Our Physical Therapists and Registered Nurses manage our results-driven Program, with state-of-the-art bedside testing, tracking and remote reporting of precise anticoagulation flow records within minutes of testing/titration.

Our team is trained to expedite and achieve smooth, safe and rapid recovery results. In fact, our PTs plan the first home visit for the day of discharge. In this first important visit, your therapist will...

  • Conduct a thorough home safety assessment
  • Provide family/caregiver teaching
  • Provide patient education for recovery, including safety, mobility, pain management & home rehab.
  • Customize a treatment plan as stipulated by physician

To learn more about our Orthopedic Care: Rehabilitation Program, please contact us at: (800) 200-1020.

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