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Independent Living / ADL Training

For people who either live on their own or who plan on resuming living on their own after an illness or injury has hampered their ability to live independently, independent living training is going to be essential to the reaching of their goals.

Part of the independent living work that Universal Home Care staff will do with a patient is known as ADL training. This stands for activities of daily living. These are the countless little tasks that the majority of people take for granted, performing them without thinking almost every single day. For those recovering from a trauma, however, every step to regain independence can be difficult. Universal Home Care staff is there to try to ease this process.

ADL training is all about enabling people to look after themselves. These activities that training will focus on tend to be things relating to personal health and hygiene that must be done in order to live independently. Simple tasks like how to brush their own teeth is often where such therapies begin.

Sometimes ADL requires the patient to be trained in how to use assistive devices that may be installed in their home for such purposes. For people with certain types of disabilities, using a toilet or a shower can be difficult without specialized equipment. If that is the case, the training will include learning how to use that equipment safely so that the patient can ultimately look after themselves.

Independent living therapy and ADL training is all about freedom. No one wants to be a captive to the assistance of others and that will be the focus of the Universal Home Care staff in this capacity. Our clinicians are not there to simply help the patient complete tasks, but rather to teach them how to complete them themselves. This restores power, dignity and self assurance to the patient.