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Bathing & Dressing

Does a person in your home require home health aide for bathing or dressing?

Universal Home Care can help with essential tasks, such as bathing or dressing a patient that is well enough to live in their own home, but who may not be well enough to complete certain tasks independently.

Bathing and dressing are tasks that are essential to overall health. Not only does keeping the body clean help to make sure patients don't develop infections or other illnesses, but feeling and looking clean makes people feel better. A feeling of well-being is always important for those that are suffering from long term or chronic illnesses.

Dressing or the often-laborious task of bathing, are not possible for everyone to do without assistance. There are many patients that may be capable of looking after themselves well enough with the help of their family that they don't need to be in a long term care facility, but they have extreme difficulty bathing or dressing one self- this is often a mobility issue.

Special facilities and fixtures exist, such as bathtubs that have special doors that open in them and shower seats that make it possible for people with compromised mobility to bathe themselves. Unfortunately, for some even these devices are not always enough.

In these situations, a Universal Home Care certified home health aide can assist with bathing as well as, assisting the patient to dress him or herself.  Our medical professionals are trained in making sure that the patient is safely transferred into the bath and then given a safe and thorough bath, followed by the appropriate clothing wear to keep patient healthy and comfortable.

Bathing and dressing are important tasks for overall independence living and if a patient needs a certified home health aide, we will offer that service to them. It is also possible that some patients who are undergoing treatment or physical therapy may need assistance bathing or dressing at one point in time, but will outgrow the need for such a service as their therapy as they regain independence as time goes on.