Innovations in Patient Care

Treatment plans around medicatioon & nutrition regiment.

Beverly Hills Home Health Care With Nurse & Therapy Services

When selecting a home care service to help you or a loved one recover from an injury, heal from an illness or improve quality of life, finding an organization that can handle all of your needs is important. Universal Home Care can offer residents of Beverly Hills everything they need to get better and send a trained caregiver directly to your home.

Universal Home Care offers the services of all the types of medical professionals that you will need. Our highly-trained staff is prepared to offer intermittent or extended period nursing services, depending on the needs of the patients. We employ Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses and home health aides. Each has a talent set that is appropriate for the situations of different patients. We will customize your care with the nursing professional best able to help you.

In addition to nurses, we also provide the services of a wide range of specialized therapists, including speech, physical and occupational therapists. Our therapists coordinate with nurses to provide the best holistic care to help our clients meet their goals. We also have bilingual staff for those patients who prefer using languages other than English.

Our services fall into six broad categories. We provide nursing services, including lab draws, injections and wound care; physical therapy, such as stability balance training, gait training and muscle reeducation; social services, including community resource planning, counseling and assessments of emotional or social factors; occupational therapy, such as fine motor coordination and upper extremity therapy; speech therapy, including language disorder training, swallowing difficulty therapy and speech articulation training; and certified home health aide services, such as bathing, personal care and light housekeeping.

Underlying all of our services is a state-of-the-art technology platform that allows all of our caregivers to have instantaneous, coordinated information. This allows us to always provide the best care possible.

We serve patients throughout Los Angeles.