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Evaluation of Condition, Potential for Rehab

Evaluation is the key to treatment following injury or illness that has limited a patient's physical capabilities.

The physical rehabilitation experts at Universal Home Care know how to carefully evaluate not only a patient's current condition, but also their potential for treatment in the future. This is a key component of the formulation of any kind of treatment plan and is valuable information for the primary therapist or physician on a case.

The Universal Home Care licensed therapists will help to evaluate every aspect of a patient's condition to ensure that they receive the most practical and useful physical therapy that it is possible to give them. This will include an in depth clinical assessment of the patient's current physical condition. Special attention will also be paid to history which may impact a patient's potential recovery.

The goal of physical therapy is to improve the quality of life of the patient wherever possible. Key areas will be identified where improvements can be made through the use of the proper exercises and therapies, Monitoring procedures will also be implemented so that the therapists can always have an accurate picture of how the work is affecting a patient.

Physical therapy is a group effort, and an ongoing one. It requires the interaction of a complete team that includes physicians, physical therapists, the patient and their caregivers and other workers, such on the Universal Home Care team. A careful evaluation helps all team members make sure that they are on the same page before therapy begins.

Physical therapy is often concerned with functional tasks. If a patient is unable to be independent in certain ways, part of the evaluation will examine how they might become more independent or capable through the use of the right types of therapy. The in-home evaluation process helps caregivers see what challenges exist for a patient in their normal environment.