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Diet Counseling Low Na, ADA, Etc.

Dietary restrictions and lifestyle modifications, as laid out by a physician, can at times be difficult to follow.

However, adherence to dietary protocols can make the difference between life and death. A healthy diet is one of the most important factors in managing and preventing a number of critical diseases. There are also a wide range of protocols, such as low sodium diets for managing high blood pressure, diets for diabetics and diets for general health improvement. Universal Home Care specialists can help coach you on all types of dietary adherence.

One of the number one reasons that people with high blood pressure or diabetes suffer from further damage to their health is because of lack of compliance with recommended protocols.

Dietary prescriptions can include recommendations to include certain foods in a diet, and to restrict others. Often, weight control is one of the primary goals of dietary coaching, but there are other factors that should be taken into consideration. Factors such as gluten control and the ingestion of the required amount of certain vitamins and minerals also play a factor in dietary counseling.

The professional medical staff from Universal Home Care understands that dietary changes can be difficult for many patients. For some, these changes will represent a shift in a lifelong pattern of eating a certain way. This can be a very difficult thing to maintain because personal tastes and preferences make it harder for a lot of people to stick to a recommended diet.

It has been shown that following food guidelines is easier with support. People who receive regular support from a nutritionist, counselor or partner have an easier time adhering to a new diet than those who try it alone. That kind of support and coaching that can be provided through home care.