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Swallowing Difficulty

Swallowing difficulty can be a more serious condition than some may think.

The ability to swallow needs to work properly to ensure proper nutrition can be obtained, that food is not accidentally drawn into the lungs and to make sure that choking does not occur. When people suffer from swallowing problems as a result of weak muscles, surgery, trauma or brain injury, sometimes rehabilitation programs can help them restore a degree or all of their swallowing functionality.

The technical term for swallowing difficulties is dysphagia. Dysphagia is a problem that does require treatment and Universal Home Care’s professional speech therapy staff members are experienced at working with sufferers to help rebuild the muscles that must function in order for swallowing to be safe and easy.

Universal Home Care clinicians can help instruct patients in proper technique to ensure that they do the exercises correctly for maximum benefit.

In other cases, where dysphagia may be permanent it may be possible to eat with the head at a certain angle or when held in a certain position and a home care clinician can assist with feedings and positioning to ensure that dysphagia does not hamper the patient's ability to obtain proper nutrition.

In cases where dysphagia is very severe, Universal Home Care clinicians can help make accommodations and train caregivers in special requirements that may include temperature limitations or restrictions on whether thick or thin liquids can be consumed. Universal Home Care clinicians can also help administer nutrition through supplemental methods such as through IV or feeding tubes.