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Family Caregiver Reportage

Being a family caregiver for a loved one is an important role and often times, a cumbersome one that requires a great deal of time and critical attention.  Under certain circumstances, a family caregiver may have their own physical problems, responsibilities, or other limitations which restricts the maximum amount of care needed for your loved one.

As a family caregiver you will want to make sure your loved one gets all the medical care he or she needs and more importantly, be kept abreast of their health.

As a supportive resource aid, Universal Home Care provides a treatment plan for patients who often require the sensitive care that family caregivers are restricted from giving.  Based on a person’s condition and what he or she needs, our certified caregivers will provide (1) designated/authorized family member with a progress tracking report as a means to keep you posted on the overall status of health for our designated patient. 

For instance, if your mother was in the hospital because of a hip fracture or your father due to a stroke, an initial rehab program (deigned specifically at home) might be the suitable approach for walking safely or for relearning how to dress/feed oneself again.

In cases such as the ones referenced above, our specialists are trained to monitor improvements or setbacks and will update you as needed - on a frequent basis such as daily or weekly.