Innovations in Patient Care

Treatment plans around medicatioon & nutrition regiment.

Counseling for Home Family Situations and to Arrange for Placement

Have you been placed in a difficult situation with an ill family member in the home?

This is one of the functions Universal Home Care's medical social services staff helps family members with. Dealing with an ill loved one and their care can be very difficult, and sometimes there are factors at play that make it more difficult than it had been in the past.

The situation in a home and within a family can play a very large part in whether or not it is appropriate for an ill person to remain in that home. For a patient to receive fair, safe and healthy care there needs to be a supportive family environment in place that can help the patient to complete daily tasks, undergo therapy and treatment and to support them in any way possible. Family and home situations can often change and sometimes may not be the best environment for a patient.

There are certain situations where a patient's own health deteriorates further than family members had hoped or physicians had predicted. When this happens, a patient that once may have been safe in their home under the care of family members may now need more constant and available care. This is the unfortunate progression of certain chronic and degenerative illnesses.

When these situations present themselves, our social services workers can help families to arrange for placement in a long term care facility for their loved one. Ultimately, everyone's decisions should be based around what is going to be best for the patient. Universal Home Care can help people find a placement that will provide the appropriate level of care, monitoring and support for their loved ones.