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Fine Motor Coordination / Strengthening / ROM

The basic requirements of occupational therapy could be broken down into fine motor coordination, strength, and range of motion (ROM).

Universal Home Care occupational therapists work to help patients improve in all three of these areas. As strength, coordination and range of motion improve so will the patient's ability to look after themselves and to live as independently as possible.

Strengthening exercises are very important for anyone that has suffered from a disease, injury, or condition that has caused them to need physical or occupational therapy. Whatever the cause, when motion is lost or compromised, the muscles lay dormant and unused, sometimes for a very long period of time. In order to have hope of regaining functionality, exercises must be done regularly that are designed to strengthen and build that muscle. The stronger that muscle is, the better the chances that it will be able to be used normally again in the future.

Range of motion is something else that must be worked on. When a joint is not used, whether due to paralysis, pain, or any other cause, the joint slowly locks in place. As the muscle degrades, other tissues shorten and tighten and make movement very difficult. Regular stretching and movement through ROM exercises along with strength training helps to open the joint up again.

ROM and strength training are important for all of the upper body joints; however, they do not address fine motor control. This is the precise movement that a patient must have in their hands or fingers to complete tasks such as buttoning a shirt, brushing their teeth, making themselves food, dialing a telephone or using a computer. Universal Home Care staff will work with patients to refine their control over time, until they have the ability to care for themselves after regaining the ability to complete these essential tasks.