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Foley Catheter/NG Tube Insertion and Management

Is catheter or NG tube management a concern?

If it is, then let the staff at Universal Home Care help. They have experience in maintaining, inserting, and monitoring catheters and tubes. Proper care is important in patients that rely on these mechanisms, because if they are not maintained properly, infections and other problems may arise.

In those who rely on a Foley catheter to drain urine, one of the primary risks is urinary tract infections. A Foley catheter is inserted into the urethra and used to drain urine from the bladder. These are used on patients who are unable to pass urine naturally for many reasons, whether that is from paralysis, prostate enlargement or urethral surgery of some kind.

Foley catheters can become clogged over time. When this happens, they can greatly increase the risk of urinary tract infections. A trained professional can be valuable in a home care situation for their ability to replace or flush catheters as required, helping to prevent these types of infections from settling in.

An NG tube also requires special care. NG stands for NasoGastric tube. These tubes require good nasal and oral care. A trained professional knows how to change the tape on the tube regularly and will ensure that all supplies and hands are clean before doing so to prevent infection and irritation.

Flushing is another concern with an NG tube, as they need to be flushed after they are used for feeding. In addition to normal maintenance, Universal Home Care staff can watch the patient carefully to ensure that no complications or infections are presenting as a result of the NG tube. If there is a problem, early detection ensures that the patient can get the treatment that they need quickly, which is always extremely important in cases of possible infection within a weakened body.