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Home Safety Evaluation

Do you worry about your safety or the safety of a loved one within a medical condition inside your home?

If this is a concern for you, then Universal Home Care is going to be able to help you. We specialize in making sure that people have their medical needs met in their home, in whatever form that may take. While that certainly includes providing treatment and patient monitoring, it also includes helping patients to make lifestyle changes and recommendations that will ensure that the patient is in a safe environment conducive to recovery or ongoing treatment.

When a person is healthy, they often don't think about the potential hazards that may be in their home. After a person is injured or ill, it may become clear that there are things in the home which should be changed in order to increase safety.

This is so important because when a person is recovering from surgery, illness or trauma, further injury is much harder on the body. Falls, for instance, are extremely dangerous for older individuals, or for those whose bodies are already compromised in some way. Many falling hazards can be missed in a home by an untrained observer. They might include slippery floors, loose carpets, tripping hazards or dangerous staircases.

The bathroom is an area where a safety home evaluation by a medical professional can be very useful. Things like mats for the floor and tub, accessible tub entrances or chairs, and safety handles may be recommended. The combination of water and many slick surfaces make bathrooms one of the most dangerous locations in the home for someone who is at risk of falling.

Other parts of a home may be looked at as well. Fire safety is important for a person with limited mobility, for instance. Our professionals will work with you to help you find ways to make a home safer for those who live there.