Innovations in Patient Care

Treatment plans around medicatioon & nutrition regiment.

Registered Nurses, Vocational Nurses and Home Health Aides Assist Huntington Beach Residents at Home

Home care has become a profession in demand over the years. Patients who can't take care of themselves, have a physical disability, or geriatrics who suffer from arthritis count on dedicated professionals to tend to their needs. For residents of Huntington Beach there is Universal Home Care, an organization which consists of social workers, registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses and certified home health aides. These various services act as valuable resources to the clients they serve by going directly to their patients homes in Orange County.

Nurses are responsible for administering the medications necessary for pain control and other job duties such as IV infusion. Some other duties of Nurses may include educating clients on maintaining a healthy diet and informing diabetics on appropriate procedures. Nurses also share common duties with certified home health aides, which consists of some housekeeping and laundry care.

Physical therapists will work with clients to find a physical workout plan to help in relaxing the muscles and assisting in exercises which improve muscle flexibility. These dedicated professionals are also responsible for educating the clients on the value of daily exercise.

Speech therapy for assisting in the patient's ability to articulate and other linguistic abilities. Clients may also learn how to better vocalize and the importance of speech patterns.

Other services include social services. This is a great resource which can link patients to appropriate community organizations as well as help to provide counseling to families.

Finally, occupational therapy offers patients fine motor coordination, muscle reeducation and upper extremity therapy.

For many home bound patients, home care is essential for simple daily tasks. Bathing, washing clothes, and walking to the park are all activities that too many of us take for granted, but are struggles for many home care clients. Universal home care is a convenient service whose goal is to ensure a better quality of life for all home bound patients in Huntington Beach, California.

We serve patients throughout Orange County.