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Do you require regular injections for treatment of a chronic medical condition?

At Universal Home Care, the experienced medical professionals are used to administering the wide range of injections that are used in the treatment of a large number of conditions that patients suffer from.

Our staff is trained in the techniques that are required for safely administering these injections. You can rest assured that our caring staff members will try to make sure the injections cause as little discomfort as possible, and carefully follow all safety protocols to make sure that the patient receives a healthy, helpful and safe injection during every single treatment.

An injection is a procedure where a thin needle is inserted into one of many points on the body. The needle is connected to a syringe. After the needle is inserted, the syringe is depressed in order to deliver valuable medication into the system where the body can make the best possible use of it. Injection makes it possible to deliver important drugs that cannot be taken through simpler methods such as ingestion.

The staff at Universal Home Care has a great deal of experience in administering all of the different types of injections that are prescribed for different conditions. Some injections are administered intramuscularly, while others are injected subcutaneously or intravenously, among other methods. Our clinicians know how to skillfully deliver any of the required types of injections, including depot injections where a slow-release and long acting drug is inserted into the body through an injection.

There are a number of conditions that require ongoing shots of substances like insulin or B12. Some people cannot administer these injections safely themselves and a trained professional can relieve them of the awkwardness of having to try to do so. Injection allows for treatments to be delivered directly into the body where they can be immediately effective, providing an effective treatment that will start working very quickly after it is administered.