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Medication Management

You may qualify for our supervised medication management services which provides a licensed specialist to educate patient and family caregiver on achieving safe self-administration as well as, logistics planning with patient’s physician or pharmacist for optimal benefit and positive outcomes for the course of treatment prescribed.

Our medication management services are intended to supply key knowledge of medication(s) or medication regimen as a means to facilitate a critical element in supporting the healing process for all of our patients.  Furthermore, our services are intended for patient and/or caregiver who have questions or doubts and wish to understand the medication therapy as prescribed by their physician. 

Additional benefits of this program for patient and patient’s family caregiver include: educational resources on proper dosage, frequency and side-effect tools, assessments of medication compliance, evaluation of therapeutic intake/response, pain management adherence, assessing drug interactions or duplicate medications, and assistance with schedule planning to enhance medication compliance.

Our medication management program consists of daily or weekly visits, a pill box to organize/set-up medication for proper intake, a daily management journal, inventory of medications/set reminders for reorders and a personal liaison to patient’s physician.