Innovations in Patient Care

Treatment plans around medicatioon & nutrition regiment.

Moorpark Residents Receive Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy with Their Home Care

Universal Home Care offers the senior residents of Moorpark, California, in Ventura County, an array of services, from speech and occupational therapy to personal care and light housekeeping. Our services allow senior citizens to receive quality healthcare in their own homes from licensed vocational nurses, registered nurses and certified home health aides.

Universal Home Care offers basic medical care, such as IV infusions, pain management, and treatment for diabetics. We also employ specialists in speech, occupational and physical therapy to give seniors access to highly skilled medical providers without ever leaving their homes. For patients who can no longer drive, this affords them the freedom to schedule their appointments without having to rely on a friend or family member for transportation. Often after an accident or a stroke, traveling to and from a doctor's office can be extremely taxing and logistically difficult to manage. Our in-home services eliminate the need for travel. With the wide variety of services offered in the home, Universal Home Care makes quality medical treatment more accessible and less complicated for seniors in the Moorpark area.

In addition to medical care, Universal Home Care offers social services. Our staff will assess the emotional and psychological factors which influence a patient's well-being. We assist family members in adjusting to changes in the care of seniors and we will assist in the transfer of a family member into an assisted living facility as well.

Universal Home Care works with all types of insurance, including Medicare, private payer and Workers Compensation. Our knowledgable staff will explain which services are covered by Medicare and how to determine eligibility. Since insurance billing is confusing for many of our patients, we do all we can to make claims filing as simple as possible. We have years of experience working with many different insurance providers, and our staff is up to date on the most recent changes in insurance regulations.

We serve patients throughout Ventura County.