Innovations in Patient Care

Treatment plans around medicatioon & nutrition regiment.

Pain Management

Pain is a difficult thing to live with, but many patients who require home assistance live with pain in varying degrees of severity. Pain can be caused by many different conditions, injuries, or illnesses, and the treatment and management of that pain can depend on what the root cause of it is.

This is why the clinicians at Universal Home Care can help when it comes to pain management. Their medical knowledge and analysis of a patient's condition conducted in conjunction with their primary care physician gives them the tools that they need to try to manage pain through whatever type of therapy is going to work best.

Pain management can be accomplished in a number of different ways. In some cases this can include the administration of medication. Universal Home Care clinicians can help with the administration of oral medication, but can also provide medications that need to be administered through injection or through IV sites. They will ensure that the patient gets the medication which their doctor has prescribed for pain management.

Other tools in the pain management arsenal include physical therapy and general attention to the care of the patient. Ensuring that the patient is clean, warm and dry at all times helps to create feelings of comfort that can make pain more bearable. Physical therapy can strengthen the body and help to reduce pain in many cases.

Pain management is an ongoing process. Most patients will have a mixture of good days and bad days. By working with a regular Universal Home Care professional, pain management can be maximized to try to ensure that the good days outnumber the bad. Our professionals work with the patients to try and find strategies that work for coping with what might otherwise be unbearable discomfort.