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Post-Hospital Education

Recovery from an accident, illness or surgery does not always end when you or your loved one is discharged from the hospital. In fact, how the patient takes care of himself or herself once they arrive home from the hospital could be the single most critical factor in overall health improvement.

Fortunately, at Universal Home Care, our specialty trained staff will educate you or your loved one on recovery techniques from home as well as, communicate patient progress to the primary care physician so that changes in care can be monitored effectively and altered (if necessary).

The Post-Hospital Education program provides a wide array of comprehensive home care and rehabilitation services to help reduce anxiety and stress, ensures maximum care and facilitates constant follow-up by our specialists to meet the needs that our patients deserve.

Our services for this program features visiting nurse support, rehabilitation therapy/techniques, disease management solutions, wound care support, pain management, respiratory therapy/techniques and referrals to community resources.

By following physician orders and utilizing our Post-Hospital services to address questions the patient may still have upon hospital discharge may offer full support in achieving premium health results.