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Post-Operation Care

Recuperating from a surgery without any support is often difficult, especially if the surgery is complex and the patient is left homebound.  And so, whether you or your loved one is entering the hospital for a planned surgery or just want to be better prepared for an emergency, our Post-Operation Care package may be the suitable solution in ensuring that optimal recovery is gained from home.

At Universal Home Care, you can rest assured that all of our Post-Operation Care Managers are trained to provide topline healing solutions in surgical aftercare, offering non-medical personal home support to advance and strengthen the healing process for all of our patients.

Along with Post-Op care, our specialists also provide “activities of daily living” (ADL) assistance and will work with your physician to ensure that minimum discomfort is achieved during and after the recovery period. 

In addition, based on the level of need that is requested by patient, our Post-Op Care Managers will also provide personal assistance (such as hygiene, ambulation, transfers, changing ice bags, light housekeeping, errands), offer medication guidance, and facilitate range-of-motion exercises to improve overall health.