Palliative & Hospice Care

Emotional and spiritual support for patient & family.

Prosthetic Training

A new prosthetic provides a strange blend of challenges and potential benefits.

To overcome those challenges and to realize the benefits, the staff at Universal Home Care is here to help. Our medical professionals are ready to help patients train, practice and perfect the methods of using their prosthetics to achieve maximum functionality and independence.

Prosthetic training is an ongoing and developing process. To begin with, the patient will only be able to wear the prosthetic for short periods of time that will increase as they become more accustomed to it. Learning to put on and take off the prosthetic is a large part of the initial training.

Practice with the prosthetic is also important. This will involve the completion of actual tasks that the patient would hope to perform independently with their prosthetic under supervision and with coaching. Universal Home Care staff can help to evaluate and coach performance so that the patient sees continual improvement in their abilities.

For many patients, a stigma or embarrassment is associated with the wearing of a prosthetic. Universal Home Care staff are there to talk and to listen to these issues, as well as to help the patient through this difficult time. Combined with the confidence that comes with increased ability, this can be very beneficial for a patient's sense of well being.