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Voice Speech Articulation Training

Is there a struggle on behalf of someone in your household to pronounce certain sounds or words correctly?

Speech therapy is the approach that is taken most often to correct problems in speech and articulation. There are several root causes of these types of problems. Physical or mental disorders can cause problems that need to be corrected through voice speech articulation training. A brain injury can cause a patient to lose some facility of speech that may need to be repaired through speech and articulation training.

Articulation therapy is the practice of training the patient to be able to pronounce certain sounds cleanly and clearly. This involves strengthening and training of certain oral muscles so that they can form the necessary shape with their mouth to create the sound. Exercises are also done to make sure that the patient can hear the difference when they are forming the sound correctly or not.

This is why working with a Universal Home Care clinician is important. Speech needs to take the form of a conversation to be meaningful which is why a partner is critical in speech therapy. Educators can also train a caregiver in the required therapy so that they can also participate when the Universal Home Care therapist is not onsite. The result is a team that can work with the patient as often as possible to improve overall speech and articulation capabilities.