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Therapeutic Exercises, Improve ROM

Physical therapy designed to improve ROM can give a person back their freedom of movement. As range of motion improves and the body becomes stronger, a person regains the ability to be independent in any number of ways. The professional clinicans at Universal Home Care knows how to help lead patients through the special therapeutic exercises that are meant to improve their range of motion.

Range of motion in the limbs of the body is measured in terms of degrees. The limitation to a range of motion can be caused by any number of factors, but pain, swelling and impaired joint function due to conditions like arthritis can be a common cause.

Gentle exercise is the key to increasing the range of motion in a limb that is currently limited. These types of exercises might be performed by using equipment to move a joint, to offer an assist to the joint or in exercises where the patient is 100% responsible for their own motion.

In many cases, a patient will progress from one of these methods to another as they continue to develop their strength and increase their ROM. A patient might start out needing to use equipment to assist them in the motion that is required for their therapeutic exercises. As they improve, however, they may eventually be able to move on to exercises that are performed without mechanical assistance. Over time, the goal is to reduce swelling and pain as well as to improve motion.