Innovations in Patient Care

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Transfer Training

Transfer training means teaching people how to assist a patient in moving from one place to another. Often, this might involve moving from a bed to a chair for instance or from a bed to a standing position.

As with many aspects of physical therapy, the learning process of transferring will be one that is shared by both the patient and the caregiver. The clinical staff at Universal Home Care understands the teaching process and can help provide useful transfer training to the patient and their caregiver at the same time.

Transferring a patient can sometimes involve a solely physical assist or assisting a patient in moving using an aid. If a caregiver is going to transfer a patient by themselves the patient and the caregiver often need to train together in order to perfect the technique and to gain the strength that is required for safe and effective transfers. Universal Home Care clinicians can help supervise transfers and train caregivers so that they can safely perform the maneuver on their own.

In all cases, the ability to transfer a patient safely gives the patient and the caregiver more independence. With the ability to transfer comes the freedom from the constant need for supervision or staff on site at all times.

During any rehabilitation or treatment process one of the goals is to increase the independence of the patient if at all possible. Transfer training can help caregivers and their patients regain a portion of their independence and can hopefully be the first step on the road to better health. Transfer training may also be used to assist people in getting into the positions or onto the equipment that they need to be on in order to complete their required physical therapy.