Universal Home Care

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Wash Clothes, Light Housekeeping

A patient is going to feel better in their own home. This has been a long held truth of patient care and is one of the reasons why accommodations are made to get patients out of hospitals and into their own homes as soon as possible.

However, just because a patient is healthy enough to not be under the constant watch and care that they receive at the hospital does not mean that they can do all the activities that are required for independent living. Certain types of chores may be beyond certain patient's abilities during recover or over the long term. Universal Home Care has certified home health aides that can help with those kinds of chores.

Basic chores that a home aide might be able to help with include washing clothes. Sorting, washing, drying, ironing and hanging clothes can actually be a lot of work for someone, especially someone with limited mobility. Some people may not have the range of motion required to operate equipment like top loading washing machines, but a home care worker can help them to make sure that they have clean clothes regularly.

There are many other chores that a Universal Home Care certified home health aides can assist with around the home. Things like loading and unloading a dishwasher, picking up clutter, vacuuming and other simple tasks can also be done by a Universal Home Care CHHA.

These tasks are not only important because they make a patient feel better when they can live in a clean home but they are also important for patient health. A clean home is less likely to provide a breeding ground for bacteria and other bugs which can be more dangerous to someone in an ill or weakened state than they would be to a healthy person. Also, a messy home can present potential injury hazards to a person who suffers from mobility problems or weakness.