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Energy Conservation / Work Simplification

Occupational therapy revolves around the concept of returning the ability to complete tasks to the patient. Sometimes though, patients can make those tasks simpler through the proper training.

Universal Home Care staff members understand the science of energy conservation and work simplification. This gives them the knowledge that they need to teach patients to conserve as much energy as possible when completing the tasks that are required for independent living.

Many tasks are not completed in the most efficient way possible by an average person. We lack the knowledge of biomechanics and physiology to ensure that we always complete tasks in the easiest way possible. This is something that occupational therapists will correct while working with patients. In someone with weak, uncoordinated or painful movement capabilities, using more effort than is necessary is needlessly difficult and tiring. If they can learn more efficient ways to complete those tasks, it can allow them to gain confidence as they regain the ability to do certain things and that leaves them important energy for completing other tasks.

Energy conservation involves concepts such as simplicity of movement and using assists when necessary. Gravity, for example, can assist in a number of tasks. There are specific methods for getting out of bed that are taught to people that have difficulty leaving their beds that allow gravity to assist in the motion. This makes the motion require less energy and also puts less strain on the body of the individual trying to get out of bed.

Energy conservation also involves the prioritizing of tasks. If several tasks need to be completed, the patient will be taught how to prioritize them so that they complete the one requiring the most energy first. This leaves energy for other small jobs that will be possible, but if completed in the opposite order, there may often not be enough energy to accomplish that first difficult job.