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Wound Care/Decubitus Care

When recovering from a wound, it is important that the wound be looked after and kept in a condition that will continually facilitate the healing process.

This is what the medical staff at Universal Home Care is prepared to do. Our clinicians observe, assess and monitor wounds throughout the healing process to ensure that no complications slow or hinder the healing process.

The normal wound healing process is one that the healthy body employs to cleanly and quickly heal wounds. Essentially, as soon as a wound occurs, the body's healing powers are set into motion. Immediately after the bleeding is controlled, the body starts working to remove bacteria and debris, which can be assisted through medical intervention.

Then, the body starts migrating cells to the wound location and engages in a proliferative process that starts to form tissue at the site of the wound. Eventually, epithelials begin to cover the wound and essentially form skin over the damaged site once again.

Illness or complications can mar this process in a number of different ways. Chronic conditions such as diabetes can affect the natural healing process to a point where an untreated simple wound can linger and become an ongoing problem. Infection is also a near constant concern, especially in a weakened body.

Universal Home Care nurses can treat, clean and monitor wounds throughout the healing process. A trained observer knows what to look for when watching a wound heal and can tell when the process is taking place normally or when something has caused an interruption to regular healing.

In addition to wounds that could be present from injury or at treatment sites, bedsores or decubitus care are also a part of Universal Home Care services. Bedsores can be caused by humidity or pressure and home care clinicians are essential in making sure that the patient is turned regularly in order to prevent bedsores from occurring.